For many of us the security of a well paying job fits nicely into the well crafted idea of the American Dream that’s been sown into our psyche.  Our entire lives we’ve been told to go to school and achieve good grades, so that we can get into college, so that we can get the job of our dreams!  We’ve been told that we can go work for a great multi-national organization that is going to provide us comfort, stability and security.  Only it’s not true! We’ve been sold a lie.

After 14 years in the Financial Services industry, I started to realize that I had no security, no stability and no comfort.  I didn’t have security because at any time, my company could decide that my role wasn’t needed anymore.  I didn’t have comfort because I saw good people lose their jobs at institutions you work for because of rapidly innovating technologies.  I didn’t have security because my true security is not provided to me by the CEO of an organization.

My first step to quitting my well paying job was to realize that no matter what I did for them, no matter how hard I worked, no matter who I knew, they were never going to pay me what I was really worth.  They were never going to keep me over satisfying shareholders, when the time came.  They were never going to help me create a space to be independent of them.  They wanted me shackled and tied to the desk.  They wanted me dependent on them and on the “security” they provided to me.

We as a society need to awaken and realize that we have the opportunity to change our direction in life.  We have the freedom to make our dreams a reality. We were given free will and we weren’t made to be fearful of the dreams that God has put inside of us!

God has placed something inside all of us to allow us to achieve greater “success” than we could ever imagine. The question is what is success…. What does it mean for you to achieve great heights? What does it mean for you to “spread your wings and fly”? The answer is different for all of us.  You need to find that meaning on your own.  My belief is if you earnestly ask God, The God Of The Universe, The God Who Made Everything, then you may just get the answer you are looking for.  I’ve been asking God for years, what I should do. When it was time for me to know, He showed me what “my next best steps” were.

For me, there were things that started to happen at my former employer that irked me quite badly.  I felt used. I felt under-appreciated.  I felt stuck. I felt like no matter how hard I worked or what I accomplished, it didn’t matter.  I felt my reviews were inconsistent with my actual performance and accomplishments. I felt like I couldn’t be myself and many other things.

Then there were the “whispers” I kept hearing from God.  “It’s time to do your own thing”. “Your family needs more of you”. “You were made for more”. “You’ll never know what you can accomplish if you don’t try”. “To walk on water, you have to get out of the boat”.  “Do you want to be an old man and look back and wish you would have done it?”

Then I saw family issues start to happen and family member’s health crises.  I felt drained and tired and spent.  I knew I could not live my life the same way anymore. I knew the only way I could experience the freedom I needed for me and my family was to leave my former employer.  This would give me the opportunity to spend time with my sick family member. This would give me time to be with my family. This would open doors to help people in a way I never realized.

Are you tired? Do you want more for your life? Do you know deep inside that God has created you for more? Do you know there is a calling with your name on it? Why are you afraid?

If we are ever going to be the people we are called to be, we need to let go of fear and pursue was God has called us to do in our lives.

What happened after I quit my job? Read in Part 2 of “Why I Quit My 6 Figure Paying Job For Zero Income”.





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