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For many of us the security of a well paying job fits nicely into the well crafted idea of the American Dream that’s been sown into our psyche.  Our entire lives we’ve been told to go to school and achieve good grades, so that we can get into college, so that we can get the job of our dreams!  We’ve been told that we can go work for a great multi-national organization that is going to provide us comfort, stability and security.  Only it’s not true! We’ve been sold a lie.

After 14 years in the Financial Services industry, I started to realize that I had no security, no stability and no comfort.  I didn’t have security because at any time, my company could decide that my role wasn’t needed anymore.  I didn’t have comfort because I saw good people lose their jobs at institutions you work for because of rapidly…

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2 thoughts on “Why I Quit My Six Figure Paying Job for Zero Income (Part One)

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