This is the question many investors are asking right now. “I see wars and rumors of wars and it looks like the world is coming to an end”, says one person. Another big one I keep hearing is “I just want to wait until after the election to see if it’s going to be Trump or Hillary”. I can’t downplay how people feel. These are real emotions they are experiencing and those emotions either drive them to make bad decisions or no decision at all. The question we should ask is “Are my fears valid?”. “Do I really need to be afraid of this?”.

The truth is that you are hearing information from people who are paid to make you feel scared. The job of the financial media is to sell stories, advertising and marketing that prey on your emotions to force you to come back and listen and find out what is the next big tip. The media knows that if they can sink their teeth into your deepest emotions, you will come back for more.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that by the time you are hearing or reading news events, those events are already old news to the “markets”. The markets have already accounted for this bad news you are just now hearing and the actual price of whatever security you are thinking of buying already reflects the bad news.

Bottom line… You can’t trust what you are hearing from journalists and newscasters on t.v.

I learned this past week that the same people who produced the Jerry Springer show are the same people who produce the television show Cramer’s “Mad Money” (Kiplingers, 2006). Would you believe that Kramer is so popular by the network execs because he is said to “drive viewer’s emotions”?

So, who do you listen to during such troubling times in the economy? Who do you find for counsel when you are bombarded by the thought of the next great recession?

Of course I want you to come and see me for help, but at the very least, you need to find yourself a qualified financial planner who has your interests ahead of his own pocketbook. You need to find an advisor that doesn’t get paid commissions for selling you products. You need to find an advisor who’s brokerage firm hasn’t created a platform designed to generate the company significant fees.

There are lots of us out there who believe in putting clients first. Take the time to ask your advisor the right questions. Questions like, “how much are the management fees of that fund?”, “what is the fiduciary score of that investment?”, “How do you get paid on this investment?”. Those are just a few questions to start with.

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Cheers to your success,

Jose Cuevas
President & CEO
High Five Financial


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