Jose Cuevas


When I sit down with most clients they are filled with questions such as “Will I have enough money to retire?” “Am I invested the right way?” “Will I be able to send my kids to college?” “Should I buy a bigger house?” “My son is not financially responsible, should I take his name off my will?” At the core of all of these questions is something much much bigger!  These questions all lead back to one question.  “What’s important to you about money?”  For most Christians, they would say having enough money is not their highest value.  Your highest values typically revolve around God and your family in one form or another.  As “The Christian Financial Planner”, I want to help you with what is most important to you.  Whether that is helping your kids pay for college, so that they can become missionaries in Africa or Helping you have enough money to retire so that you can spend time with your grandchildren and teach them the values you believe in so greatly, I want to help you.

In 2014, I started to get a sense that God was calling me to something bigger with my financial profession.  As I started to heed that call, I realized there was a different path I could take when helping clients plan for their future. It became evidently clear there was a better way of helping individuals and businesses with their finances than what I was taught during my 14 year career in the financial services industry.

I believe that God has already given us a financial road-map for success. We only need to follow the instructions and we should arrive at our destination. Most of the major financial concepts you are aware of like “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” & “to be debt free” come directly from the Bible.  After seeing this pattern a couple of times, I decided to explore it more and soon realized there is a plethora of sound financial advice located in the Bible.  From Investment management to Estate planning, you can find valuable wisdom in the Word of God.

My belief is that God has implanted in each person a desire for more.  God has given you natural abilities and talents that He hopes you will utilize to help make the world better and for the future of His Kingdom.  By utilizing the road-map we were given we can accomplish the Will of God in our lives.

I believe financial planning is not just about figuring out how to not run out of money in retirement, but a tool we can use to help you fulfill your life’s purpose and the purpose of those God has called you to love and to serve.

By working together and focusing on your values first, we can more easily determine the best route to help you accomplish your goals and objectives.

In my spare time I like to golf, but I’m not that good.  I spend most of my time with my children.  I coach baseball and football for both of my boys.  I am a member of Willow Creek Community Church where I enjoy serving in multiple capacities.  I am a member of the Lions Club International where we focus on sight, health, & community programs. I am currently working towards two financial designations, the Certified Financial Planner designation and the Certified Kingdom Advisor Designation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

To learn more about how we can help you make smart decisions with your money, call us at 847-290-0753.  To receive valuable financial planning updates and news, please go to www.wisdominvestments.com

“Jose is an investment advisor representative and offers investment advisory services through Wisdom Investments, Inc.  a registered investment advisor offering services in the State of Illinois and other jurisdictions where registered or exempted. Main Office 2035 S Arlington Heights Rd. Suite 119D., IL 60005. Tel 847-290-0753” .


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